5 Circles of Health – Movement Pt 2

Reading Time: 7 minutes What makes a movement practice? We are back again looking at the various elements that we consider to be vital for a healthy human movement practice. You can read part 1 here. We have already looked at the lower layer of the fitness pyramid; lots of general daily movement, mobility work, and low intensity cardio.Continue reading “5 Circles of Health – Movement Pt 2”

Movement Matters

Reading Time: 5 minutes Six years ago we lost a great friend, James. I often find myself thinking about him especially around this time of year. James’ life and subsequent death had a profound affect on me. He taught me to not take my body for granted; that every day, every breath, every movement, and even every creak andContinue reading “Movement Matters”

Community – The Fifth Element

Reading Time: 6 minutes In my last post I introduced you to the concept of the 5 Circles of Health that Wild Life utilises to help people achieve their health goals. While all 5 Circles are vital for good all-round human health, there is one that is most neglected out of the 5. COMMUNITY. At first glance it canContinue reading “Community – The Fifth Element”