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Wild Life is all about allowing our bodies to move the way nature intended, to allow us to explore our optimal gene expression, to be mindful of what we are and where we are in our natural environment.

Through movement, play, nutrition and conscious lifestyle choices, we can truly harness the force of nature.

Primarily based in the heart of Drumnaph Nature Reserve, at the foot of the Sperrin Mountains in South Derry, we have no end of wild landscape to explore and experience. Running courses and workshops throughout Ireland and Britain, from the woodlands to the gym floor, from the mountains to the playing fields, we aim to bring some ancestral wildness wherever we go.

Wild Life can help you become the healthiest version of yourself in a number of ways.

We offer one-one personal training and health coaching, either in person or online via our members only app. Each session is based on your particular needs, focusing movement, food and lifestyle practices.

We have a number of online programmes available varying in timescale and training modalities to suit all needs and abilities.

Additionally, we run a number of workshop and group classes, including talks, mindfulness sessions, fitness and movement classes, food production, and nature engagement, in a multitude of locations.

We offer our consultation services to any kind of organisation dedicated to improving the health and well-being of those participating within them. This could be a large corporation or small business, a sports or athletics group, or in a school or community setting.

We give guidance, tuition, time and resources in a lighthearted, accessible way. We aim to encourage the people we work with to make achievable, habit forming lifestyle choices that improve the physical and mental health for all those involved.

What People Say

Most of the classes took place outdoors; it was the perfect combination of cardio and strength training.  Glenn introduced the importance of functional training, movement, mobility & mindfulness.  Over the eight weeks he guided us through simple human movement patterns that retrained our bodies, I began to see a significant improvement in my mobility, I regained a greater range of movement in my shoulder after my surgery and saw an over all improvement in my flexibility.  What really made the course for me was my first introduction to mindfulness.  Glenn showed us great tips and techniques that are excellent tools for reducing stress and anxiety.


About two years ago I embarked on an individual plan devised by Glenn to move more and reach my goal of better physical and mental health…in the past I haven’t stuck to these plans but with Glenn’s training plan and approach to health I am stronger in mind and body. The availability of training online offers flexibility and keeps me on track. Glenn is always available for advice and support but most importantly my life is richer for having Glenn as a friend and mentor.


I love my training sessions at Wild Life. i thoroughly recommend them to anyone from beginner up, as Glenn tailors his approach to fitness to each individual, focusing not only on their strengths but developing their weaknesses, and will always accommodate their needs.

He has extremely inventive ideas and techniques which incorporate fun with fitness. His unique and relaxed approach makes each session enjoyable no matter how difficult it is.

I am delighted with my progress so far and certainly look forward to continuing my training.

S. O’kane

Let’s build something together.

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