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My Mental Health Toolkit – Part 2

Reading Time: 8 minutes This week I am continuing to share the toolkit I use to help me during the times that my mind wobbles, either to avoid the wobble entirely or to help pull myself out of a downward spiral when said wobble is unavoidable. You can read Part 1 of the post here. Now, just to reiterate,…

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My Mental Health Toolkit

Reading Time: 7 minutes I decided to take a small break from our series on movement as this past Sunday (10th October) was World Mental Health Day. This was a day set aside for the promotion of awareness, education and advocacy against the stigma of mental health. Sadly this stigma still remains and is a huge stumbling block for…

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The Wild Gym Part 2 – The Benefits and Code of Practice

Reading Time: 8 minutes So we are back this week looking at the concept of the Wild Gym; practising and celebrating our body’s ability to move through it’s natural surroundings. In last weeks post we looked at just a few of the movements and naturally occurring things that we can utilise in our movement practices, from gentle balance and…

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Movement Matters

Reading Time: 5 minutes Six years ago we lost a great friend, James. I often find myself thinking about him especially around this time of year. James’ life and subsequent death had a profound affect on me. He taught me to not take my body for granted; that every day, every breath, every movement, and even every creak and…

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Fruit Leather Recipe – The Perfect Little Sweet Treat From Nature’s Larder

Reading Time: 5 minutes I’ve never been a sweets kind of person. Chocolate, yes. That’s a gateway drug to oblivion for me. I end up coming to, smeared in cocoa, with an over-riding sense of regret and colonic soreness. But sweets not so much. Well, unless you count fizzy cola bottles. I love them. Can’t eat enough of those…

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Morning Rituals – The biggest game changer for my mental health and well-being

Reading Time: 7 minutes I’ve always struggled against authority; always danced to my own drumbeat. If someone tells me that I ‘should’ do something, I won’t. Even if on a rational level I completely agree with them. Kelley will say to me, “Wow, this book is amazing! You should read it when I’m finished.” Nope. Despite that book being…

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Sorrel and Red Lentil Soup Recipe

Reading Time: 5 minutes When I was walking with the dog this morning, stuffing my face with blackberries I noticed a fresh new crop of Common Sorrel growing up on the edges of the pathways that had recently been mowed. Glancing around I could see masses of the stuff bursting forth like little emerald starbursts in the grass. Armed…

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Your Health Is So Much More Than Just A Number

Reading Time: 6 minutes I distinctly remember the first day that someone called me fat. It was the end of term on my last day of primary school. I was happily cycling around the playground at home time when one of my class mates commented to another, “Look, Glenn’s getting fat”. It really jarred me. Prior to this I…

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