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Grain Free, Gluten Free, Low Carb, Keto Choccy Chia Brownies

Disclaimer: The main reason for writing this post is to serve as a discreet reminder to my wife that my birthday is looming and that Choccy Chia Brownies would perhaps be a lovely surprise. Let’s tell it like it is. Junk food is junk food. It doesn’t matter if it is hand reared, organic, biodynamic,…

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DIY GYM EQUIPMENT GUIDE – The Suspension Trainer

I first came across the concept of the suspension trainer in the late 2000’s. At the time, I was spending much of my time living in the woods, teaching bushcraft and wilderness skills. We would get plenty of walking and carrying in throughout our day’s work, and on occasion would bring a punchbag with us,…

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Voluntary Hardship – The Vaccine for Life

Every year on my birthday I like to do something that challenges me both physically and mentally. Maybe it’s in defiance to my ever looming demise, my Peter Pan syndrome, or my awkwardness in a party scenario, but I have grown to relish my yearly crucible. This tradition started on my 40th birthday when I…

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Budget ‘Barefoot’ Shoe Reviews

Like many other people, I was often barefoot as a kid. I have many memories of running through the forest, stopping to occasionally pull a holly leaf out of my skin; to feel the soft, cool mud squelch up between my toes; the roughness of tree bark as I clung ape-like in my favourite willow.…

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Shakshuka – The Budget Friendly Primal Taste Sensation

To eat a Primal/Paleo aligned diet is often viewed as expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. The following recipe is a great way to eat clean and healthily whilst keeping a firm hold on the purse strings. I spent the first three quarters of my life unable to eat eggs. I could eat the…

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DIY GYM EQUIPMENT – The Mighty Sandbag

Welcome to the DIY corner everyone. This is the first of many blog posts covering some cheap but hugely effective training gear that you can make and use at home. Ever since lockdown started last year, gym equipment has become as scarce as rocking horse manure and the prices have rocketed. If you didn’t get…

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Nasal Breathing and Mouth Taping – The deadly art of sleepy Ninjas

That’s right. After reading and implementing what follows, you will be ready to order a new Black Belt for your dressing gown. Today’s golden nuggets of health related wisdom will soon become as plain as the nose on your face. First things first… Shut Your Mouth! No really, shut your mouth. If you’re not laughing,…

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How I FINALLY learnt to meditate – and how you can too.

As much as I’d like it to be, my mind is anything but serene. I love the idea of wandering through wildflower meadows, dressed in flowing linen, with a winsome smile and a mind purely focused on the gentle movement of the clouds. But what I have is the equivalent of watching a bag of…

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