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Working Out Your Why – Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation

Have you ever joined a gym, started a new exercise regime, or embarked on a new eating strategy only to splutter to an abrupt stop because you ‘ran out of motivation‘? Lack of motivation is a common complaint I hear from prospective new clients. They want to get a health coach or personal trainer to…

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Core Values – The Road Map to Decision Making and Life Choices

I suffer from the awful affliction of ‘Paralysis of Analysis’. I seemingly cannot make even the most straight forward of decisions without doing PhD level research and reading hours of reviews and opinions which reliably give totally different accounts of the thing I want a definitive answer about. To illustrate this point I recently spent…

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Shoe Review – XeroShoes DIY Huaraches Sandals

With summer seemingly here in Ireland, it’s time to break out the old sandals. Sandals are the perfect footwear at this time of year in Ireland; firstly to let our tootsies enjoy the whole 2 weeks of summer we get, and secondly for wading through the ample puddles and burst rivers that occur for the…

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DIY Gym Equipment – The Kettle-bag/Ruck-vest

Following on from last week’s post on rucking, carrying a weighted backpack over distance, we are going to look at a number of different ways to use our new bit of training kit. Whilst rucking is a superb way to workout, sometimes we just want to do a bit of targeted strength work. Well, as…

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Carrying Excess Weight – The Ancestral Art of Rucking

What is the most obvious distinction between humans and the other Great Apes? Some might say it’s our ability to reason and our intelligence. To this I ask: “Have you not seen the news recently?” A more obvious distinction would be our Bipedalism, or our ability to walk upright on 2 legs. There are many…

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Hand Taping for Kettlebells – The Dark Art of Callus Management

I remember sitting at the dinner table and looking with disbelief and awe at my father’s hands. Rough, callused, scarred, and with fingers that looked to me like a pound of butcher’s choice sausages. I remember glancing down at my own hands; soft, delicate, girlish even, like they’d been made from porcelain and petals, and…

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DIY Gym Equipment – The Sled

The thought of someone hauling a sled behind them conjures up images of rugged arctic explorers battling through horizontal blizzards, with ice encrusted beards, missing frost bitten extremities. But the humble hauling sled is possibly the best bit of training kit that you are probably not using, and you don’t even have to eat your…

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Life Lessons From My Dog – Part 2

That’s right folks, we are back with another dazzling episode of Life Lessons From My Dog. Like a cross between Nietzsche and Chewbacca, he’s back with more golden nuggets of wisdom to make our lives better, our bodies healthier, our minds stronger, and our coats glossier. So lets delve into the wisdom that gushes forth…

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Product Review: Nuud -A natural alternative to deodorants

Within the Primal Blueprint system there are 10 primal laws for optimal health. Primal Blueprint Law #2 is ‘Avoid Poisonous Things’. Now this is usually followed with advice regarding what we put in our mouths, avoiding the obviously poisonous, but also the detrimental. Avoiding highly processed foods, food detrimental to our personal digestive system, and…

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