Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe

Reading Time: 5 minutes Wild Garlic, or Bear Garlic and Ramsoms as it is also known, is one of springtime’s superstars. You generally can smell it before you see it. That wonderful, pungent aroma seeping through deciduous woodlands, promises a sensory bombardment of enticing odours and spicy taste sensations. Sending up new shoots from early March and flowering fromContinue reading “Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe”

Fruit Leather Recipe – The Perfect Little Sweet Treat From Nature’s Larder

Reading Time: 5 minutes I’ve never been a sweets kind of person. Chocolate, yes. That’s a gateway drug to oblivion for me. I end up coming to, smeared in cocoa, with an over-riding sense of regret and colonic soreness. But sweets not so much. Well, unless you count fizzy cola bottles. I love them. Can’t eat enough of thoseContinue reading “Fruit Leather Recipe – The Perfect Little Sweet Treat From Nature’s Larder”

Sorrel and Red Lentil Soup Recipe

Reading Time: 5 minutes When I was walking with the dog this morning, stuffing my face with blackberries I noticed a fresh new crop of Common Sorrel growing up on the edges of the pathways that had recently been mowed. Glancing around I could see masses of the stuff bursting forth like little emerald starbursts in the grass. ArmedContinue reading “Sorrel and Red Lentil Soup Recipe”