Unconventional Training Tools – Strength Through Oddity

Reading Time: 9 minutes “Hey Weirdo! Yeah you in the Kaftan. Why are you so bloody odd?” “Why can’t you just be normal and act like the other kids?” “No, Glenn. A cape is not an appropriate addition to the school uniform. No, not even if it is only waist length.” “Why on earth have you turned up toContinue reading “Unconventional Training Tools – Strength Through Oddity”

Love Handles – Are Kettlebells the Ultimate Training Tool?

Reading Time: 9 minutes The first time I remember seeing a kettlebell was in a picture of Arthur Saxon, circus strongman, dressed in the typical late Victorian period strongmen garb, tiny underpants and a massive moustache. I was captivated. Not just by the pants and ‘tache, but the hefty, bulbous implement he was holding aloft. It screamed primal savageryContinue reading “Love Handles – Are Kettlebells the Ultimate Training Tool?”

DIY Gym Equipment – The Kettle-bag/Ruck-vest

Reading Time: 4 minutes Following on from last week’s post on rucking, carrying a weighted backpack over distance, we are going to look at a number of different ways to use our new bit of training kit. Whilst rucking is a superb way to workout, sometimes we just want to do a bit of targeted strength work. Well, asContinue reading “DIY Gym Equipment – The Kettle-bag/Ruck-vest”

Hand Taping for Kettlebells – The Dark Art of Callus Management

Reading Time: 6 minutes I remember sitting at the dinner table and looking with disbelief and awe at my father’s hands. Rough, callused, scarred, and with fingers that looked to me like a pound of butcher’s choice sausages. I remember glancing down at my own hands; soft, delicate, girlish even, like they’d been made from porcelain and petals, andContinue reading “Hand Taping for Kettlebells – The Dark Art of Callus Management”