DIY Adjustable Macebell

Reading Time: 6 minutes Warning: Glenn will be using terms such as shaft, butt, balls, knob, flange and nipples. If you are innuendo sensitive Wild Life recommends skipping this article. The Gada/Macebell Last week we discussed some of my favourite unconventional training tools. The gada/macebell/steel mace features very highly on this list. But what is it? The modern macebellContinue reading “DIY Adjustable Macebell”

Unconventional Training Tools – Strength Through Oddity

Reading Time: 9 minutes “Hey Weirdo! Yeah you in the Kaftan. Why are you so bloody odd?” “Why can’t you just be normal and act like the other kids?” “No, Glenn. A cape is not an appropriate addition to the school uniform. No, not even if it is only waist length.” “Why on earth have you turned up toContinue reading “Unconventional Training Tools – Strength Through Oddity”