The 14 Day Wild Life Reboot

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What it is and why you should sign up.

When we started Wild Life about 6 years ago it was an alternative means to engage people with the outdoors. We had always experienced huge benefits ourselves from being in nature, and when we came on board to set up and run Drumnaph Nature Reserve we wanted to share this valuable resource with as many people as possible.

We started running health and fitness based classes on the reserve as a way to get people to interact with the natural environment, people who might not venture out under normal circumstances.

I remember our first Couch to 5K running programme. I was really hoping to get up to 10 people turn up to make it have a community feel. I was left feeling humbled and overjoyed to be standing in front of over 50 people, all looking a little nervous, of all shapes and levels of ability. And they all loved it. Well that’s what they told me.

Some had tried various attempts at the programme elsewhere, usually around a town or on a sports pitch, and so many of these people commented on how much nicer it was to be running the ever unpredictable, and ever-changing terrain of Nature.

Many of those first runners can still be seen today, pounding the trails of Drumnaph, flowing over a landscape that at first seemed hugely daunting.

From that moment on I was sold on a simple model for health. A tribe of people, supporting one another, moving their bodies the way nature intended.

I had already experimented with my own health and well being, using the ancestral health lens to understand how I was biologically designed to eat, move and live, and could see the undeniable connection between this and that model for health.

Armed with a Primal Blueprint Health Coach certificate, all the conventional personal trainer certs, and my background in ethnobotany, along with Kelley’s ever burgeoning knowledge of organic horticulture and fermented foods we set forth to try and carve our own trail through the dense thicket that is the health and fitness world. And lo….

Wild Life was born.

Fast forward to 2021 and we’ve learnt a lot. But perhaps the biggest understanding came from developing our 5 Circles of Health approach to coaching. These are the 5 aspects that we consider vital to optimal human health.

This is not a new concept; many people have commented on this in a number of different variations. But for us, at Wild Life, the 5 Circles of Health are: Food, Movement, Sleep, Stress Management, and Community.

The interlocking circles signify the fact that each aspect is irrevocably linked to every other aspect. Remove or diminish one or more circles and the whole structure loses it’s integrity.

When all five circles are in alignment we have an elegant, balanced, solidly integrated system. We are not only resilient, we are ‘anti-fragile’, we flourish and adapt to any situation that life sends our way.

And in a world of ‘6 minute Abs’ and ‘8 week beach bodies’, in our ever pressured desire to ‘look fit’ we often sacrifice the very thing we are seeking, our health. This often leaves people either feeling like they have failed, or ‘looking great’ but feeling shit.

In our social media age, we can be left feeling that everyone has their shit together except us. That in this age of hyper-connectivity we feel lonelier than ever before. That with the whole of humanity’s knowledge only a finger tap away, we are paralysed by information overload.

We no longer need to know about things. There is an ‘expert’ online for that. But there is a big difference from being told something and understanding it.

When you understand something, it has meaning and value to you. Doing something because someone has told you to is fine. For a while. If you don’t understand ‘why’ then it starts to lack reason and relevancy for you, even if it is exactly what you should be doing.

The only expert on you is YOU. Coaches, doctors, trainers etc are fantastic tools to help get you to where you want to be, but ultimately the responsibility is yours.

This is why we set up the 5 Circles of Health. It’s a system to help you understand what you need, and why you need it, and seeks to address many of the issues of modern living.

And while the 5 Circles of Health is suitable for everyone, it is especially useful for those over 40, juggling family, work and health. It talks to you like an adult and understands the needs and limits you face. There is a seemingly endless amount of programmes for twenty somethings that have the recovery ability to handle being constantly smashed, but very little for the individual who has been up all night, split between a snotty child and a tax return, who also has a presentation to deliver at 11 tomorrow morning. This is where the 5 Circles of Health programme comes in.

We want to share the 5 Circles of Health with as many people as possible so we are launching our FREE 14 Day Wild Life Reboot online course starting in early January.

This is an introduction to the 5 aspects of optimal human health. We devote at least 2 sessions to each, helping you to understand the importance of each, dispelling a number of commonly held myths, and giving you regular actionable tasks to build on a foundation of small daily habits that can contribute to a massive shift in mindset and behaviour.

With a mixture of presentations, follow along tutorials, live Q&As, advice, and actionable tasks we are covering a variety of subjects –

  • Creating a sleep haven
  • Dealing with ‘trigger’ foods
  • Starting a simple, daily mobility practice
  • Breathwork for stress reduction
  • How to cultivate high quality social interactions in an age of emojis and memes
  • and many more.

And we’ll be doing this through our Wild Life Reboot Facebook group, creating a small tribe of like-minded folks who get you and are there to support you along the way.

This course is absolutely free with no catches, just free content to help you build the foundations for a healthier life. It’s suitable for any level of experience; the point is to build a practice that suits YOU personally. Much of the course is around creating habits and mindset changes around your health and your body. There are no weigh-ins or before and after photos, just honest discussion, advice, tips, and life hacks to help you on your way.

It’s all about agency; letting you take control of your own health and well being. Taking back the power of your own bodies, minds, and lives.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part, you can join the tribe by filling out the form below. We’ll keep you updated about when this will start, along with some handy hints and tips thrown in.

We hope we’ll see you in the tribe.

Glenn and Kelley. x

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