Primal Pancake

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Who doesn’t love a pancake? That thin edible canvas is just waiting for the next culinary Van Gogh to create a short-lived masterpiece.

The options are endless. Sweet or savoury (wars have been fought over this one), thick or thin, turned or flipped? The myriad fillings available are only limited by the imagination and the human gag reflex.

But one thing that most pancake recipes have in common is the use of wheat flour and milk.

So what about those of us that want pancakes yet don’t want to, or can’t have wheat and/or dairy?

Enter the Primal Pancake.

This is my go to recipe based on a load of other recipes and tweaked so that I could get a repeatedly good pancake. Alas, it’s not a foldable/fillable variant, but I love them. As a non cereal grain eater, I use these in place of breakfast cereals, and these puppies fill me up till dinner time.


For 5-6 servings

4 eggs

Aprox 200g Ground Almonds or enough added to make the right consistency

4 Bananas

1-2 tbl sp of Almond Butter (optional but thickens the mixture)

Liberal sprinkling of crushed seeds (again optional but gives it some bite)

Put eggs, bananas and almond butter into a container and blend them up. Slowly add the ground almonds whilst continuing to blend until you reach a thick liquid consistency, similar to a fast food ice-cream  milkshake, i.e. it will pour out of the container in slow motion. Add some crushed seeds for a bit of texture. We use a shop bought packaged variety (with goji berries).


We then stick this in the fridge and dip into it each day.

To cook them, heat up some coconut oil in the a pan on a medium heat and spoon in a couple of good dollops when the oil is shimmering.  Flip over when the underside is golden brown.

These are fairly sweet to start with from the bananas, so I have never tried them savoury. My favourite way of having them is with berries and thick double cream (I’m okay with dairy) and sprinkled with toasted flaked almonds. But feel free to do what ever you like.

Two of these bad boys keeps me fuelled for most of the day. I used to have 3 until I linked my inability to move with excessive pancake consumption. That said I had a third today, purely for photographic reasons, of course.

No sugar, no grains, gluten free and immensely satisfying. Enjoy.

Lá na bPancóg shona duit / Happy Pancake day


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