New Name, New Direction, Same Ethos

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When I started down the path as a Health Coach the aim was a simple one – to make people healthier versions of themselves. I certified as a Primal Health Coach, under the tutelage of Mark Sissons and the Primal Blueprint team; got my fitness instructor and personal trainer certs, and tentatively set off with the mission to help as many people as I could. Along the way I’ve studied many different approaches and modalities, learnt different tools and practices, but I would have to say, the most significant teachers for me have been, and continue to be, my clients.

What we learn in books and at seminars is great and often forms the foundation to our knowledge base, but, it is in the understanding and wisdom that comes with trying to implement these ideas in the real world and on real human beings, that the real learning begins.

Movement is key to optimising health, but it is only one small piece of the jigsaw. Good nutrition is vital for a healthy human being to flourish, but this alone is not the whole picture.

The fitness industry has fixated on these two elements of health for a long time, and while both are hugely important and undeniably a major factor in optimising health and well-being, it has come at the expense of many other essential aspects of the health journey.

Many of my clients come to me with the emphasis on creating a movement practice, be that mobility, strength-based or cardio. Our personalised training programmes usually incorporates all three. To this we add a nutritional strategy to enhance the clients own goals. We then take time to look at the other aspects of their life; their sleep quality, their stress management, their social interactions, and the environment they are living in.

While different clients come to me for different reasons, whether it’s to run their first 5k, to bulk up, for fat loss, for mental health improvements, for all round bad-assery, there are key fundamentals that make reaching their goals much easier. And by adhering to these fundamentals we become better at life in general.

And these fundamentals are easily picked, low hanging fruits as far as health goes. So low hanging in fact that they are often completely overlooked. They might not be as sexy sounding as juggling kettlebells whilst balancing on a slackline, or as exotic as a triple espresso morning enema cleanse, but they are time proven, achievable by everyone, and so often the missing ingredient for success in our health endeavours.

This is why I developed the 5 Circles of Health programme.

Wild Life 5 Circles of Health Programme

The 5 Circles of Health are, in no particular order: Movement, Community, Food, Sleep Quality, and Stress Management.

Each circle interlocks with every other circle to form a solid knot. Remove one of the circles and it loses its integrity.

These 5 elements have been recognised for a very long time and by many people, yet in our modern age we tend to solely focus on Exercise (Movement) and/or Diet (Food). We rarely see Sleep and Stress Management discussed for overall human health, and Community is virtually absent in any discussion.

As we progress, we see there is myriad other elements overlapping from each of the 5 circles combining, as a whole, to create a natural healthy human being, as nature intended.

So this is the approach we take with every client and workshop attendee. We try to zero in on these 5 elements of health for everyone, because in doing so, it makes the job of reaching their other goals so much easier.

If you want bigger biceps for strutting around on the beach, we’ve got you covered.

Going to the same reunion as your ex? We’ve got your back.

Have you entered a charity run with your work colleagues? We’ll get you to the finish line.

We can do it all, but we’ll do it in a way that makes you healthier, happier and harder to kill. By following the 5 Circles principle, you will be a stronger, healthier, more vibrant version of yourself. You will be a force of nature.

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