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For anyone interested, I am now offering one-one, and small group personal training sessions to anyone wanting a tailor-made approach to fitness and healthy living. I can cover a wide variety of techniques and practices to get you to your individual fitness and health goals, including:

Functional strength and conditioning

Flexibility, Mobility and Movement

Primal Blueprint approach to health

Nutritional advice and guidance

Complete health and fitness tests

Guidance on personal goals


Sessions can take place at your own home, nearby location/gym, or alternatively with me at Drumnaph Community Nature Reserve.

Example costings:DSC02466

One off session (or pay as you go) £22/hour.

Bundle of 6 sessions £110

Bundle of 10 session £150

All personal training plans start with a detailed health and fitness assessment to allow us to work out the type of schedule best suited to your personal goals.

As individual needs all differ please feel free to contact me to discuss them and to work out an individual plan.

Discounts may be available to small group bookings, but please be aware that you will not be able to get the same individual attention or personalised plan as a one-one client.

Online Personal Training also available.  Please contact me to find out about this and the prices



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