Exercise and Health

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As many of you will know, I’m keen on banging on about the importance of moving our bodies for a whole host of beneficial reasons, pure joy being one of my favourites. Fat loss is often one of the most lauded of these  benefits, and while exercise has its pace in fat loss/weight management, in my opinion it is far from the best method for loosing the love handles and is definitely no magic bullet for obtaining the optimal body composition (much more on this coming soon).

So what other benefits can there be from exercising? Well on my trip back home tonight from training Hurlers and Footballers there was a great episode of BBC Radio 4’s Inside Health that covers some interesting research on a variety of health benefits for a number of different medical issues including Arthritis and a number of types of Cancer.

Here’s the link to the show Health and exercise. It’s well worth a listen.

I will be posting some blogs shortly on other benefits of exercise and movement, as well as what is an appropriate approach to exercising for different goals. We’ll look at the roles of strength training, sprints, appropriate cardio, and the deadly art of Bimbling.

SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT! Beginners circuit training starts tomorrow at 7pm for those interested. I am also available to take on private clients for personal training at the moment.


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