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This month sees the start of a new season of fitness and well-being classes starting in and around An Coire and Drumnaph Nature Reserve, Maghera.

With the nights drawing in, and the cold winds starting to blow, it’s very easy to let our health and fitness slip. The battle between that run in the drizzle and the sofa (by the fire, with the comfort food) is either an epic one, or over the second your backside hits the cushions

Having a training partner is a huge benefit for over-coming the hibernation instinct. Just having someone to push you, someone relying on you is a real boost

Another option is to join a class. Committing to a regular class is a perfect way to give you the shove out the door and the incentive to get on with it.

Anyone who was with me on the recent Drumnpah C25K programme will agree that working as a group really aids the ability to commit to a schedule. The days where people were running by themselves were not so easy to stick to (you know who you are).

Working as a group can offer you many things; from camaraderie, support, advice, friendship, and even a bit of friendly competition if you choose.

The courses we run emphasise the way our bodies are designed to move, moving naturally and freely. The strengths and conditioning gained will be ‘real world’ functional gains

All of our courses are friendly and informal. The emphasis is on each person’s individual goals and fitness. You choose how hard you want to go. You will be encouraged, not bullied. This should be a fun experience. Sweaty, yes. Tiring, yes. But fun and enjoyble.

Beginners Circuit Training Class – 6 weeks.

30th September 2015 7pm – 8pm – An Coire, Maghera

The focus of this session is to build functional strength, fitness and conditioning by utilising aerobic activities and dynamic resistance training. Using conventional and unconventional movements and equipment, we will aim to build upon the necessary elements needed for ‘general physical preparedness’, the ability to deal physically with whatever life throws at us.

Whatever your ability, you pick the intensity that you want to work at. Fun and friendly atmosphere.

All abilities welcome.

Cost – £24 for 6 weeks or £5 per night.

Book Here or call into An Carn.

Flexibility and Mobility – 4 weeks

11th November 2015 7pm – 8pm – An Coire

Join us in a gentle workout focusing on the improvement flexibility and range of movement. Through stretching and the natural movement we can increase our general quality of mobility which has a far reaching benefit to multiple aspects of life. Catering to everyone’s individual range of motions, we will aim to iron out the niggles by using movement, stretching and games. Expect potentially sore abs from hysterical laughter.

Suitable for all abilities.

Bring a yoga mat if you have one. (I do have some).

Cost – £16 for 4 weeks or £5 per night.

Book here or call into An Carn

See you there.


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