5 Circles of Health: Revolution

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The 6 week course to build a lifelong health practice

Join us in the 6 week programme that digs deep into the 5 elements that we feel are vital for optimal human health.

Sleep Quality – Food – Movement – Stress Management – Community

We are looking for people who are ready to take ownership of their own health whilst helping us to build a programme that delivers exactly what people need.

Are you interested in joining our Beta run of – 5 Circles of Health: Revolution?

What’s a Beta programme?

This is a brand new programme that we have developed to help you take a deep dive into your own health journey, giving you the knowledge and practices to make the progress you have always wanted to make.

But we need people to put it through it’s paces, to test it’s limits and to give feedback on how to improve it, what it’s missing and what you love. And we’d like you to give us a testimonial to help us spread the word and help as many people as possible.

This will be the second time we have run the Beta programme, so we are building upon the experiences of the first round.

Here’s what one of our previous participants said about it:

So nearing the end of Week 6 and I thought I’d see what has changed in that time.

My MAF walk resulted in 30% further than Week 1.

My strength movements ranged between 5% – 20% improvement.

I have a greater range of motion in my torso than when I started and movement is much freer all over.

I have more energy and I sleep consistently 8-8.5 hrs.

My stress levels will always fluctuate but I feel more able to take myself away from escalating and uncontrolled to a more measured handling of the situation.

I’ve taken 8cm off my waist and 3cm off my hips. I’ve lost a total of 10lb which I’m delighted about.

I’ve enjoyed most of my culinary experiments.

My planning and execution still need some finessing, but I’m seeing and feeling the benefits.

Thanks everyone who has been on this journey with me, and in particular Kelley Hann-White and Glenn White whose drive and determination made this all possible . Now to continue, onward, upward, forward.


As a thank you for your input we are offering you ‘Revolution’ for a whopping 50% discount. This offer is only open to 10 people before we launch the programme to the general public for the full price of £197.

That’s a 6 week course for only £98.50

If this is something you’d like to be a part of you can book your place by clicking the Buy Now button.

This course will be running from the 7th March, 2023. In the meantime, we will send you all the details and some tasty tips to help you on the way to a healthier you.


We will be creating a movement practice specifically designed for you and the level you are at. If you already have one this will be an excellent accessory to you current practice

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We will getting into the nitty-gritty of cleaning up our sleep hygiene and putting in a strategy for increase our sleep time as needed. There will be a detailed look at tools, tricks and devices to aid your slumber


We will be putting our food needs under the microscope to create an eating plan that will aid your desired goals whilst keeping you well fed and without the sense of restriction. We’ll discuss macro and micronutrients for health and share simple, affordable yet bloody tasty recipes

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Stress Management

From breathwork to ancient philosophy, mindful walking to practical tactics, we’ll be arming you with an arsenal of tools to help you combat stress in a world where it seem to be the default setting


We are building a community of like-minded health explorers devoted to feeling happier, healthier, and more robust in both mind and body. This is a place of nutritious human interaction, a place of advice and support. We’ll be looking at many ways that we can cultivate high quality human interactions and why it’s so important.

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