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Unsure of how to become a healthier, stronger, fitter and happier version of yourself?

Want some help?

The health and fitness world can be a baffling place at the best of times. Conflicting advice and a seemingly infinite choice of equipment, practices and diets can leave us like a rabbit in the headlights.

You pick a trending diet, a popular ‘off the peg’ training plan, buy that new bit of kit and workout dvd and …FAIL.

You fall off the wagon, you hate that damn training plan, you ‘accidentally’ lose the dvd, or you simply just don’t see the results that you want.

Every time this happens it leaves you feeling like a failure, questioning why you can’t stick it all the way through, why this system, this programme, this strategy isn’t working for you when, if you look on social media, it clearly works for everyone else.

Because you, my friend, are NOT everyone else. You are a beautifully unique individual. Your mum was telling you the truth when she told you you were special.

You are one of a kind.

What works for one person won’t necessarily work for you, be that diet, exercise or life choices. Our body sizes are all different. Our range of motion varies. What fires one person up leaves another cold. We each have different commitments, available time, available energy.

You need something that works for YOU.

We’ve got your back.

Our Online Coaching

Why get an online coach?

We will take away the guesswork –

We have made all the mistakes ourselves so that you don’t have to. We have been there; wide eyed and bewildered at the colossal mass of information out there. We have spent years researching and teaching the various different aspects of health in a no-nonsense, easy to understand way.

We offer you real-time support and keep you accountable –

We will be your biggest cheerleaders. We’ve experienced the highs and lows so we know when to push you and when to pick you up. We’ll give you feedback on both your form and progress.

We won’t judge you –

Whatever your ability level or starting point our main concern is your forward journey. And, if you fall off the the wagon, we will be there to help you back up. You are only ever one meal, one movement session away from being straight back on track.

So how does it work?

The first step is to schedule a consultation call. This is to see if we are a good fit for working together, to discuss your goals, timescale, available equipment, and to find out what has been holding you back previously.

Based on what we’ve discussed, you will then receive a scheduled movement/exercise programme uniquely suited to your needs and time frame accessed via our training app either directly from your phone or through your pc. You can link the app to your fitness tracker, log your food, upload progress photos, as well as access your programme and other instructional materials.

We have an extensive library of instructional videos covering all major movements, follow along workouts and presentations. We can also give feedback on your form from videos you send us.

On top of this we can give advice on building a better relationship with food. For most of our clients this will involve taking a dive into the concept of the Nutrivore approach to eating. In it’s simplest form, this just means eating real, nutrient dense foods, and reducing the amount of processed food we consume. It’s pretty non-dogmatic and allows plenty of wiggle room.

For those wanting to take a deeper dive into their nutrition, or those who find themselves at a ‘plateau’ in their body composition goals, we can offer more detailed advice on diet.

Wild Life’s 5 Circles of Health Approach

At Wild Life, we focus on the concept of the 5 Circles of Health approach to health and well-being. These are the 5 vital ingredients necessary to create healthy, happy human beings. When you work with us, you get help and advice on cultivating all 5 Circles, to help advance you to your goals.

On top of this, we create an accountability framework that you can track week by week to assess how you are doing in these areas of your life. Consistency is king when it comes to making changes, and accountability is the hammer to forge this.

What Our Clients are Saying

Róisín K

“When my friend suggested training with Wild Life I was a bit apprehensive as I hadn’t trained in years. The minute I started Glenn put me at ease. I never felt under pressure at any time. – Glenn, with your encouragement, support and kindness, I wouldn’t miss any of your sessions. I always go away mentally and physically happy. ”


“I am delighted with my own progress and certainly look forward to continuing my training. It’s not hard work when you enjoy it! ”


“Training with Wild Life is a breath of fresh air. Something different all the time; new techniques and approaches to a fitter/healthier you…I cannot recommend highly enough.”

The ethos of our coaching system is to enable you to build the lifestyle habits to reach your goals and hit your targets. Sure, we can give you a ‘cookie-cutter’ style programme the same as everyone else, and yes, you may see results. But, when the programme ends and you revert back to your old habits, guess what happens? You end up back where you were at the start. By focusing on the 5 Circles of Health, working at your own pace, on a programme specific to your needs, body type and lifestyle, we will help you to create a sustainable relationship with movement, food and lifestyle. To make you a force of nature.

10 Week Online Coaching – Only £250

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have access to a gym or exercise equipment?

That’s not a problem at all. We can tailor make a programme to suit your circumstances. We can also give you tips on buying or even making your own kit.

I’m a total beginner. Am I going to be able to cope with the workouts? Am I fit enough?

You absolutely are. This programme is just for you. If you are a total beginner then we will start nice and easy. You’ll do a simple movement assessment to see where you’re at.

What sort of time commitment should I expect? How many hours/days per week will it be?

Well , this is up to you. We will suggest a workload and then work with what you are able to do. You will have daily activities to do but this can be as little as 5 minutes and as simple as focusing on your breath.

Mental health benefits are my main priority. Will this cater for me?

At Wild Life we believe that both mental and physical health are inextricably intertwined. We focus on positive mental well-being for all our clients. Equally, the way we move our bodies will influence our mental state.

Isn’t that expensive?

The average hourly rate for a Personal Trainer in the UK is £30 and can end up costing as much as £200 per session. For £200 you are getting a 10 week programme of daily activities, habit formation and advice, without the need to travel or book a slot. In reality, you have more contact time with us as we are only a message away.

Can I split the payment?

Yes. We can take 2 payments of £110, first payment on enrolling, the second payment 5 weeks later.

Will I be on a restrictive diet?

No. Our focus is eating nutrient dense foods and avoiding highly processed ones. Initially, we will look to create a healthy relationship with foods and offer advice on food choices. If you have a particular dietary need we will aim to cater for you. As we progress we will take a deeper dive into your nutrition.

What happens after the 10 weeks?

We will review your progress and your goals and give you advice as to where to go from there. If you’d like to continue training with Wild Life, we will happily programme your next cycle of sessions based on any revisions to goals and outcomes.

What results can I expect?

Well that really depends on what your goals are and we will you help you to plan exciting, achievable ones. Our methods are tried and tested, simple and effective. If you follow the programme and put in the effort you WILL see great results.

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